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Project retrospective with Work Expo

Britta Ollrogge


Every business should start with the question “Why?”

A good way to find out how people work together, what they do and what is the aim of the work, is to create a work exposition. This method has been established by Jurgen Appelo (Mangement 3.0).
A work exposition can be visualized in different ways – with pictures, photos, videos, pantomime or sculptures.

People love expositions, because they tell stories with pictures or objects and they inspire people.

In an article published on the Harvard Business Manager website a study of Adam Grant, Professor of Management at the Wharton School, was quoted, that shows that establishing ties with other people (team mates, customers,...) is very important to see a meaning and purpose in your work.

Work is usually only perceived as valuable, if people can contribute and help others with their work.

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If people create an exposition about their work, they can be creative and visualize their stories, feeling and thoughts about work. That makes it easier to identify also the purpose.


Work expo in a retrospective with LEGO®


  • Provide sticky notes, pens
  • Provide enough LEGO® bricks
  • Flip Charts with the key questions
    • Flip Chart 1: “What is the purpose of the project for the team?”
    • Flip Chart 2: “What are your favourite stories about the project (good and bad ones)


  1. Think about the purpose of your team and your work for the project and make some notes (10 minutes).
  2. In groups with 2-3 people: Collect all the favourite stories that you like to tell about the project (the good ones and the bad ones) and note the keywords down (15 minutes).
  3. In the same groups: Decide which of the stories are the best examples of what you
  4. want or don’t want to happen in the future (5 minutes).
  5. In the same groups: Build represents with LEGO® bricks and build up your exposition (15 minutes).
  6. Every group presents their exposition – one after the other. The other people listen and ask questions. (25 minutes).
  7. All together: Evaluate the things shown and discuss your common purpose (20 minutes).
Work expo with LEGO®
Advantages of using Work Expo
  • Keeps the team focussed on purpose,
  • Easy way to identify the purpose,
  • People start to think how they work together,
  • Good starting point for discussions and to define actions for the future,
  • Lot's of fun.

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