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Visual Goal Setting

Britta Ollrogge

The main reason for making goals is because they help to focus.

Not only for individuals but also for projects / teams / sprints a common goal can help to ensure that all are focussed on the same.


But the issue with goals is that they could lead to two mistakes:

  1. The goal is too high, then you will try your best to reach it, but it’s not possible. During the time you’ve tried your best, there is the risk that you neglected other important tasks, because they aren’t belong to he goal.
  2. The goal is to low. Then of course you will reach your goal. But has there been any learning?


Therefore goals are helpful to set the focus, but they should be seen as an option and the actions to reach the goal as experiments with the purpose to learn. If the situation changes, the goals and actions should be adapted accordingly.



  1. Get in state
    Think about your life goals. Just dream, you don’t have to be reasonable, think like a child.
  2. Brainstorm your goals
    Now start thinking about what would really excite you. Write your ideas down. Think also about the timeframes – when do you plan to achieve your goals?
  3. Prioritize
    Order your results and choose one goal you want to use for the visual goal setting.
    Write the Goal in the middle of a flip chart.
  4. Gather insights
    Think about the goal and ask yourself 4 questions:
  • If you reach the goal, what are the advantages?
  • If you reach the goal, what are the disadvantages?
  • If you won’t reach the goal, what are the advantages?
  • If you won’t reach the goal, what are the disadvantages?

​Write your findings down on a separate piece of paper.
Do you still want to reach the selected goal? If yes, continue otherwise start again.

  1. Create an action plan
    Now think about the different aspects of your goal and actions you want to carry out.
    Start to create a picture on the Flip Chart – starting with the written goal in the middle. Use coloured pens, sticky notes, stickers and whatever is helpful.
Example: Visual Goal Setting
  • Very good for one-to-one coaching sessions,
  • Can be done also with a team for a project kick-off.
  • Helps to think creatively about goals and how to reach them.
  • The visual representative can be hung on the wall. Then the goal and the defined actions are always visible.
  • The picture can be extended / changed.


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