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Celebation Grid: Gather data 

Britta Ollrogge


The Celebration Grid, established by Jurgen Appelo (Management 3.0), is a great method for the data gathering phase in a retrospective.


Whatever you do results in a success or a failure, but more important than the result is whether you have learned something or not. The activities you perform can be divided in practices, experiments and mistakes. You learn most from running experiments, and only little from mistakes and good practices.

It turns out that learning is optimal when we run experiments, because there’s a 50/50 chance of succeeding or failing. You won’t learn anything by just repeating good practices or by repeating the same mistakes. Of course it’s also possipple to learn something, if good good practice fail or a bad practice succeeds. But neither happens that often – if it happens, then often only by chance.



Prepare a Flipchart with the Celebration Grid.


Step 1:
Distribute sticky notes and pens and explain the purpose of the exercise and give some examples for practices, experiments and mistakes.


Step 2: 
Ask everybody to write their findings onto the sticky notes.

In the last sprint:

  • What worked well (success)?
  • What should be improved or stopped (failure)?
  • On which behavior was the activity based (mistake, practices,experiments)?


Step 3:
One after the other explains, what he / she wrote, whether it was a learning und put the sticky note to the chart.


Step 4:
Discuss the topics in lean coffee format (meeting timer is set for 5 Minutes, after the 5 minutes the team decides whether to continue with the current topic or not) and define actions.


More information about the Celebration Grid can be found here:


Agenda sprint retrospective with Celebration Grid
Celebration Grid


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